Good Ink

Good Ink

In the summer of 2015 GOODINK was only an idea, fainter than a tattoo of a mermaid on your uncle’s biceps. It all started with inspiration from the nature… and a lot of samples in the laboratory. Because the product has to be natural; Because after a four-hour session the skin definitely needs no heavy compounds (which I will not write not to bore you).

After six months spent in tattooing and testing – GOODINK became alive! My tattoo, as well. Even my friends liked it (or at least they said so). Throughout the development was closely linked with several tattoo parlors that tested GOODINK themselves first, to make sure of the product quality and then recommended it to their clients. Fortunately, we continue to work with all of them.

GOODINK is a product that origins from the tattoo community with a pinch of chemistry knowledge. Made entirely of natural ingredients that soothe the skin and “seal” any new masterpiece on your body.
This is not just attraction; it is a way of expression.

This is passion!

Tattoo Jelly

27,00 лв.

Tattoo After Care

10,00 - 15,00 лв.

Tattoo Butter

10,00 - 33,00 лв.