How to choose the proper care for your new tattoo?

Proper healing is the last step in completing your masterpiece. There are different opinions and recommendations of “proper recovery”. Your tattoo artist will recommend the best solution to his knowledge, since it falls within his responsibility that at the end, the work looks the most complete possible. Typically it takes between 7 and 14 days for a tattoo to heal completely depending on the type, style, size and location on the body. In some specific cases, full recovery can take up to a month because the skin needs to regenerate new cells to “seal” the ink completely. Of course, it is an individual process, but recovery can be significantly improved with the necessary substances and vitamins.

The “Bandage”

After your tattoo artist completes his work, he must clean up the skin area, apply moisturizer and “bandage” the place with sterile foil. It is normal if skin secretes fluids and “plasma” – it is a reaction caused by its fighting to expel foreign object from you. It is important not to stay too long with protective film – recommended time frame is between 2-4 hours. Then wash with warm (not hot!) water with antibacterial soap and dry the place.

What to do next?

Here comes GOODINK!
GOODINK and GOODINK+ are designed to nourish the skin in the most difficult moment and maintain it moisturized throughout the recovery process. Tea tree and lavender protect against external inflammation in the first hours after tattooing when the surface of the skin is still sore. Avocado, wheat germ extract and grape seed supply the necessary fat to nourish the skin, simmering sense on the surface of the skin especially in the first hours is buffered by the added Mint and Chamomile. But what is the difference and what is the right choice for me?

GOODINK Tattoo after care is a cream with a soft texture that is absorbed  quickly and forms a protective layer without staining your clothes.

GOODINK + Tattoo butter is ointment, which melts at the touch for easy application, namely the plus stands for EXTRA FAT – as the additional amount of all natural fats in the product is very suitable for dry skin.

It is recommended to apply GOODINK every two hours during the first day of tattooing to achieve the maximum benefit of the natural ingredients! In the following days of recovery GOODINK should be applied 3 to 6 times a day depending on the skin type, tattoo and of course the recommendation of your tattoo artist.
If you’ve chosen GOODINK+ just keep your skin soft and moisturized without feeling tightness and apply 3 to 6 times a day. There is no danger of skin suffocation as the selected ingredients moisturize and the created layer allows the skin to breath. Of course, there is no problem for your daily routine like showering normally, as long as you are not using strong exfoliating products on the affected area. Do not forget to apply GOODINK or GOODINK+ after shower on dry skin. Use GOODINK cosmetics until the skin peels and the true image of your new masterpiece is revealed!
P.S. In case you have some GOODINK left do not hesitate use it for hydration and nourishment of the skin and to refresh your old colours!

What  I should not do?

• It is recommended to avoid sports that can damage the surface of the skin (such as gym, soccer, etc.) and swimming !
• It is essential not to expose the tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning in the next 2-4 weeks of recovery!
• Avoid very tight clothes that cause an intense friction on the tattooed area!
• Under no circumstances do not pull the peeling skin and do not scratch the tattooed area! This is a normal process of recovery, which can take anywhere from 4 to 10 days.

Take care well for your tattoo during the first days and you will have something really special for a life time!